Charity sale at Creature Seattle

Christmas is around the corner and an advertising agency in Seattle had a woooonderful idea to get some $ for Kenyan children. 


Creature windows
Creature windows

"This holiday, get a one-of-a-kind gift to confuse your loved ones, and give a gift to kids in Nairobi, too. The Creature Window Shop opens today."


Click here to see what they are selling.

And here some of the stuff I gave. I'm happy that they have already sold most of them, yes on the first day!


Let's keep this project going on.

Welcome to my new website!

I'm still working on it, so please be patient until everything is up to date.


Compared to my old blog, here you will find more detailed information (well, I should say that you will find information, my old blog barely had text), better pictures and I hope easy and interesting tutorials. I'll try to spend more time working on them.


Thank you for stopping by and ENJOY!

Who is Potosamia?

This beautiful video EVAX made about me is in Spanish. Find below the English translation.


-- Hello, this is Taïs and I like to sew things with the fabrics I find. 


-- WHY?

Everything started in a summer when I was only working in the mornings. Since all my friends were working all day long, I decided it was the perfect time to choose a hobby. I always liked to sew so I thought it would be a great moment to start. I started sewing litle things and my friends encouraged me to bring them to the shops. I did it, it worked and I felt I was ready to start with more complex stuff. Now I even dare with booties.


I am quite dispersed and this make me try with a little of everything. I make brooches, earrings, baby clothes as bibs, blankets, skirts, trousers, coats, jaquets, and also coin purses, purses, bags...



Any fabric can be an inspiration to me. The best time is when travelling. I always find time to go to local markets and fabric shops to investigate, find new patterns, new materials... and I always bring something back home.


In my experience, the best locations to buy fabrics are Japan and Thailand. Sometimes it happens that I saw clothes made out of fabrics that I love, so what I do is to buy the largest size to get the maximum amount of fabric, I detach everything and after I can sew what I want.



I think today I'm going to the Encants (local market) to see what I find.


-- EVAX, your inspiration is today.